The BPX Digital 4000

Platforms, Systems & Tools to Drive Your Business

Business Development

Business Development

We provide bundled packages, custom development and integration of the following business services:

  • Business Consulting
  • CRM Development
  • UX Full Stack Website Development 
  • UX Hosting Platforms
  • API Directory Platforms 
  • Integrated SEO Platforms 
  • Reviews Platforms
  • Reputation Management Platforms 
  • Social Media Platforms & Integration 
  • Blogging Platforms 
  • Media & Public Relations
  • Full-Scale Video Production
  • Photo Shoots

Web 3.0 is Coming Soon

Teams to Support Your Business

Personal Business Advisor

Dedicated Business Advisors

Our business advisors are also entrepreneurs.  Every business advisor works closely with you and our project coordinators and digital tech teams to support your business objectives.  The entire focus of our business advisors is to help you increase your revenues and lower your expenses. 

Teams of Project Coordinators

Project Coordinators

Project coordinators interface with our business hub advisors and digital tech teams to deliver results you can measure.  They are responsible for making sure all projects and reports are prepared and completed on budget and on schedule. 

Digital technology teams for fulfillment

Digital Tech Teams

Our digital technology teams are responsible for all of our solutions deliverables. They also create and maintain our technology platforms to ensure 100% functionality. They are experts and trained for high-performance in a wide variety of areas of technology, digital, AI and business.