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Take the smart business approach.  Keep all of your technology and digital services under one roof.

  • Cybersecurity Protection

  • Full Stack Web Development

  • CyberEdge Web Performance

  • Secure Hosting Platforms

  • Dedicated Server Leasing

  • eMail Development

  • Digital Advertising

  • eCommerce Development

  • Video Design & Production

  • Social Media Management

  • eMarketing to Drive Sales

  • Reviews & Reputation Mgmt

  • Turn-Key Foundations

  • CRM Development (2019)

Start with a FREE Needs Assessment

The BridgePact Difference

Don’t just hire a web agency or solo web designer; partner with a strategic technology and development leader and stay ahead of the digital curve. With 24/7 support and teams to support your company’s success and growth, you can outperform your competition.

BridgePact brings exclusive access to integrated technology platforms that are affordable, scalable and designed to drive your brand strategy.

Dedicated business specialists advise you and your business supported by BridgePact’s expert technology teams to help you reach your goals.

Experience The BridgePact Difference!

Scalable and Affordable Solutions

0% Website Financing

Get the cybersecure website your business needs now to shut our your competition. No need to wait for the next budget cycle.

Perfect for All Budgets

Your website is the heartbeat of your business. Take advantage of our 0% financing options to meet your budget needs and timelines.  With affordable and scalable solutions, you can have your new cybersecure website working for you and your business within 60 days.

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FREE Website Transfer

Not ready to purchase a new website? No problem. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art hosting platform with cybersecurity.

Cybersecure Hosting

Self serve or full service, we’ll make sure that your website is secure and protected. Get back in the driver’s seat and authorize transfer your website to our cybersecure hosting platforms. There is no charge for the website transfer.  Ongoing hosting plans can be paid for monthly or annually, based on your needs.

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Monthly Service Contracts

Monthly billing on most services makes it affordable to scale your business strategically and adapt quickly.

Monthly Service Agreements

We’re happy to earn your business every single day and share monthly reports and ROI. Most of our services are billed on a monthly basis.  Based on your needs and your budget, you can scale your business with affordable monthly pricing. Monthy reports deliver valuable data about your business.

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Today’s Business Challenges

You talked.  We listened. 

Savvy business owners and entrepreneurs often feel like they’re in a chess game with formidable competition. To win in the digital world, you must first understand the challenges.  Here are the top nine digital challenges faced by companies today.

Outdated Websites

Search engines now demand new and relevant content to compete for online traffic. Old websites get D-listed and unranked for being outdated by over 70 different search engines.


In 2017, 43% of small business owners were targets of cyberattacks. The average cost of repair is $790k per attack. Most businesses can't afford the lost time and costs to repair the damage.

Limited Web Traffic

Digital real estate is highly competitive. It takes significant traffic to your website to generate qualified leads that you can convert. SEO alone is no longer as effective or affordable.

Limited Marketing $

Most businesses need to allocate more resources to fund marketing efforts. The options are to hire a staff, contract with an agency, or engage with a strategic digital technology partner like BridgePact for a fraction of the cost.

Bad or No Reviews

Over 80% of today's savvy target audiences do online research about a company before making the decision to purchase. Negative reviews or no reviews are social proof that potential customers take seriously.

Customer Retention

Customer loyalty doesn't happen by accident. In fact, it's often more costly to acquire new customers than it is to retain and grow current clients. Many business owners tell us they want to engage current customers more effectively.

Unwanted Sales Calls

If you're like us, you're inundated with calls from web companies. We have the expertise to assess technology on your behalf. You can refer these calls to your dedicated IBS.

Technology Changes

Who's got time to keep up with all the changes in technology? We take care of your technology so you can focus on more important things -- your business.

Brand Confusion

Today's target markets are very brand conscious. When there's an inconsistent or confusing brand message, consumers can loose trust. Many businesses find it challenging to stay connected to customers and target markets.

What Our Clients Have to Say

” We went through a complicated company merger. BridgePact delivered outstanding results for our integrated technology needs on time and on budget. ”


” Our old website got hacked and couldn’t be repaired. BridgePact got our new website built quickly with cybersecurity. ”


” Customer reviews are critical to our business success.  Thanks to BridgePact, we now have positive reviews and a 24-7 platform to respond quickly when needed. ”


” Our websites were not secure or showing up right on mobile and search. BridgePact delivered cybersecurity and technology solutions we needed at the price we could afford. ”


” We needed a technology partner we could trust and depend on. Thanks to BridgePact, we now have an integrated technology package ready for our franchisees. ”


” Initially, we just wanted to get more leads from our website. BridgePact updated our website with cybersecurity and our qualified leads have increased over 120%. ”


Integrated Digital Platforms to Drive Your Business

As a valued BridgePact client, you have our commitment to your 100% satisfaction.  We want to earn your business, every single day. We listen to your needs and customize digital solutions to meet your needs, your budgets and your timelines.  We’re customer focused, results driven and platform solid.  Build a stronger company with integrated digital solutions to drive your business.